Cleaning Services for Retail Spaces and Retail Stores

Consumers are being driven by experience more than ever before as competitive gaps, including price and offerings, narrow in the retail industry. The Covid-19 pandemic further enhanced the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in achieving repeat business. The following research was conducted by Ipsos pre-pandemic (2017) and is clearly showing an overwhelming majority of retail customers (92%) indicating that cleanliness is an important factor in deciding whether to visit a store again.

Retail Cleaning

Another study shows a second trend that is affecting consumers’ decision making is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR refers to businesses that support social and environmental goals. Research conducted in 2017 among 1,000 Americans show that:

  • 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues”
  • 68% of millennials bought a product with a social or environmental benefit in the past 12 months”
  • 88% will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues”
  • 87% would buy a product with a social and environmental benefit if given the opportunity”

ProVision22 values are aligned with these growing trends. Our management has over 17 years of management experience in the commercial cleaning industry. We will provide a detailed service using eco-friendly methods and supplies for a reasonable price. Our goal is to help you keep a healthy and shiny storefront while protecting our environment and increasing the shelf life of your flooring and furniture investments. Our comprehensive solution starts with a cleaning plan that fits your requirements, your facility’s needs, your work schedule, and your budget.

Why professional retail cleaning?

ProVision22 is an experienced local commercial cleaning company. We work with retail stores in metro Vancouver to disinfect, shine, and preserve flooring, upholstery, and furniture around the clock. Our management team has 17+ years of commercial cleaning experience in the retail industry. We value and use eco-friendly methods and supplies. We are members of ISSA, the largest association of cleaning companies worldwide, which means that we have access to the best training and information on best in class practices and supplies the world over. We will save you precious time and resources in keeping your business in top shape.

An investment in a ProVision22 cleaning plan:

  1. Reduces operating costs through reduced absenteeism (sick people at home) and presenteeism (sick people at your store).
  2. Preserves capital investment through proper cleaning methods that increase the shelf life of your carpeting, flooring, furniture, and even lighting.
  3. Enhances social returns through an improved image of your business in the eyes of employees, clients, and all other store visitors.
  4. Enhances productivity not only through reduced absenteeism but also through increases to employee happiness leading to higher retention levels and increased motivation.

These “value of clean” benefits are summarized in the image below.

Retail Cleaning

Researchers have shown that making an informed investment in keeping your store properly maintained contributes more to savings then costs. ProVision22 can help you strengthen your company image through our eco-friendly approach and quality control mechanisms, and we do it all for a reasonable price and without making you sign a lengthy contractual commitment. Use us as long as you trust our services and value our advice.

Eco-friendly retail cleaning

Chemicals can harm our planet’s water and air resources. ProVision22 follow our values of preserving our natural environment for us and our children. Our knowledge and experience in the biotechnology industry and our membership with ISSA (the world’s largest association of cleaning companies) help us source out environmentally safe cleaning machinery and supplies. ProVision22 has decided to focus on disinfectants that are:

  • Green, environmentally safe chemicals, and cleaning supplies.
  • Safe, low toxicity, chemicals that are less likely to cause health problems if ingested.

We recognize the advancements in biotechnology produce green, often biodegradable, low toxicity, reasonably priced chemicals that are safer and environmentally friendly.

By using green methods, equipment, and chemicals we can help protect your store’s visitors and staff and promote social returns through public recognition in your efforts to promote the environment. We try to do it all without any significant cost increases to you so to eliminate any decision you may need to make to go green.

What can you expect from our retail cleaning services?

Your facility and especially your storefront will look shiny and well maintained. We will provide the following services and much more:

  • Disinfect all surfaces (including fogging).
  • Polish/wipe down mirrors and other fixtures.
  • Vacuum/sweep/mop all floor areas.
  • Dust/disinfect furniture (chairs, desks, tables, etc), phones, and electronics.
  • Sanitize/wash washroom fixtures and floors.
  • Spot clean walls and doors.
  • Collect/empty trash and empty all trash bins.
  • Dust/wipe down/wash light fixtures, windows, and baseboards.
  • Wash/sanitize lunchroom/kitchen/back of the store areas.
  • Steam clean carpets.
  • Scrub tiles and grout.
  • Pressure wash parking lot and exterior of building.
  • Restock paper supplies, soap dispenser, other supplies.

We will design a cleaning plan that will include these services (and others). Cleaning plans are designed to maintain the health of workers and visitors, to enhance the shelf life of flooring, furniture, and other capital investments, and to polish the look and feel of your store.

We use low toxicity and eco-friendly cleaning methods and supplies in order to minimize negative effects of our chemicals on workers, visitors, or the environment. Our cleaning teams are well trained in best practice cleaning methods and green cleaning supplies. Our cleaners are vetted prior to hiring (many of them have been in this industry for a while). We will also provide a digital platform to update you regularly on progress and for you to keep us abreast of any developments, changes to work orders, or areas of improvement, at any time and as you see fit.

We provide green cleaning because we believe in preserving our natural environment. We will do it for a reasonable price, so you don’t have to make a costly decision to go green. We will not be asking you for a long-term contractual commitment. Use us as long as you trust our services and value our advice.

Why choose ProVision22?

  • Experience: Our management and cleaners carry decades of experience in commercial cleaning in the retail industry.
  • Knowledge: We are members of ISSA the largest cleaning association worldwide. We train our staff on best-in-class cleaning procedures using ISSA guidelines.
  • Convenience: We will work out the frequency of cleans and schedule visits in a time convenient to you.
  • Confidence: We work hard at being efficient, effective, and knowledgeable so we can be confident in the value we bring. Therefore, we do not ask for a long-term commitment.
  • Assurance: We are insured to cover up to $5M of unexpected liabilities.
  • Consistency: We hire and train our cleaning teams so we can provide services based on quality and retain professional cleaners, so you don’t have to meet new staff every day.

Where do we operate?

We provide commercial cleaning services for most of the Vancouver metro area, including:

  • Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Coquitlam
  • New Westminster
  • Port Coquitlam


Our professionals are all vetted before we hire them. Many have been in the industry for a while. We review performance often so we can provide top quality services and advice.

Every member of our cleaning team is trained specifically in delivering best in class cleaning services to multiple types of business environments using our eco-friendly and low toxicity products and best-practice cleaning methods based on ISSA guidelines.

Yes, our cleaning professionals will arrive for each cleaning visit with everything they need to get the job done right. You will be responsible to provide access to your facility, electricity, and hot water.

Talk to us! We service so many different types of businesses in and around Vancouver that special requests do come up regularly. We tailor our solutions to your needs and in the event there is a service we do not provide we will do our best to refer you to a vendor we may know or collaborate with.

Yes. We take client privacy and data security seriously and have IT safeguards in place to protect our systems from breaches.

Studies have shown that following a cleaning/maintenance plan will positively impact your bottom line. You can expect increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, longer shelf life for flooring and other surfaces, furniture, and even electronics, and social returns through improved company image and customer satisfaction.

More than anything you get the peace of mind that your brick-and-mortar investment and time commitment will promote health and safety, allowing you to focus your efforts on what you do best.

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