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ProVision22 staff have been helping restaurants and bars keep a shiny appearance and a healthy workplace for decades. Those of us growing up in the 1970s remember fondly scouring our neighborhood looking for the next best culinary delight. Fast forward 30 years consumer behaviors (outside location, meal preference, and pricing) is now influenced by cleanliness and hygiene, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Since the early 2000s we see a clear connection and a positive correlation between cleanliness and repeat business. Today customers are returning primarily to clean, hygienic, and well-maintained restaurants and bars. Various studies around the world continue to highlight the close correlation between cleanliness and customer satisfaction. In 2017 Ipsos Public Affairs posted a study showing this trend pre-pandemic. In the study 92% of respondents indicated that they visit retailers and restaurants based on their cleanliness levels. Main take aways of this study are below:

Restaurant Cleaning Services

ProVision22 not only helps restaurant owners keep clean and hygienic environments, but we do that with eco-friendly, low toxicity methods and supplies. Not only does this help our air and water resources stay cleaner but it appeals to many who are knowingly looking for businesses that promote higher levels of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Here too, multiple studies clearly show an upward trend in consumer behavior looking to support restaurants that promote the health of our communities and our planet. While there are many levels of green practices, we can help you elevate or begin to use simple green practices that are helpful in keeping our environment clean. Helping our planet strengthens the sense of community and adds purpose to customer behavior habits. Our job is to provide quality green cleaning services for a reasonable price so you don’t have to make a costly decision to protect the environment.

Why professional restaurant cleaning services?

There are various reasons to use ProVision22 for your cleaning needs. Our approach will help you keep a clean and healthy establishment, but we also aim to help you connect better with your community by using eco-friendly, low toxicity cleaning chemicals and green cleaning methods.

Our team will create a cleaning plan set to achieve the following goals:

  1. Reduction of operating costs through reduced absenteeism (sick staff at home) and presenteeism (sick staff at work).
  2. Preservation of capital investment through proper cleaning methods that increase the shelf life of your carpeting, flooring, furniture, kitchen equipment, and even lighting.
  3. Enhancement of social returns through an improved image of your business in the eyes of anyone visiting your restaurant.
  4. Enhancement of productivity not only through reduced absenteeism but also through increases to employee happiness leading to higher retention levels and increased motivation.

The value of clean approach is a way to provide you with measurable benefits that increase your return on investment. Furthermore, our knowledge in the biotechnology field allows us to bring you the safest eco-friendly cleaning supplies. We are also kept up to date on best practices through ISSA, the largest association of cleaning companies worldwide. As ISSA members we have access to the best training, distributors, and manufacturers of green cleaning supplies. This allows us to minimize, and many times eliminate any downtimeneeded after disinfecting your premises.

Eco-friendly restaurant cleaning services

As the carrying capacity of our planet is stretched beyond what scientists thought possible only a few decades ago, we feel that we can do more to help preserve our environment. A common misconception is that going green is expensive. While there are many stages to green initiatives ProVision22 is focusing on simple, inexpensive, and less intrusive green practices.

Examples of the latter include the use of simple green cleaning compounds (such as electrolyzed water), using reusable fibre cloths, and supplying recycled paper towels, to name a few. Knowing how toxic potent cleaning chemicals can be, we use low toxicity, biodegradable compounds instead. Our goal is to maximize the benefits to our environment, our community, and the recognition your business receives, while minimizing the cost to you. We aim to help create a behavioral change, not a costly decision to go green.

Another green disinfectant we use that is worth mentioning is Vital Oxide. If everyone makes a small effort to help our natural environment the societal benefits will be significant. If we can lead by example others will follow.

What can you expect from our restaurant cleaning services?

We will prepare and follow a cleaning plan made to maximize the return on your maintenance investment. Our teams can perform the following common tasks:

  • Disinfecting surfaces (washrooms, dining, kitchen including fogging).
  • Vacuuming/sweeping/mopping all floor areas.
  • Dusting/wiping down/washing light fixtures, windows, and baseboards.
  • Dusting/disinfecting furniture (chairs, tables, etc), phones, and electronics.
  • Sanitizing/washing washroom fixtures and floors.
  • Spot cleaning walls and doors.
  • Collecting trash and emptying trash bins.
  • Washing/sanitizing/cleaning kitchen equipment.
  • Cleaning cool rooms and storage areas (as needed).
  • Pressure washing parking lot and exterior of building.

Other, more specialized tasks (like strip and seal) can be performed periodically. The green compounds we use are safe and biodegradable and can be used on all food surfaces (see info on vital oxide). Through it all we will provide you with a digital platform to get updates on progress and communicate any changes directly to your cleaning teams. We can provide monthly audits of our services to ensure we meet all your needs. Quality control is important to us. Our cleaners, many of whom have been in the industry for a while, are vetted (prior to hiring) and trained to achieve our standards in various business environments. We bring value added, not lengthy contracts.

Why choose ProVision22?

  • Experience: Our management and cleaners carry decades of experience cleaning and disinfecting many restaurants.
  • Knowledge: We are members of ISSA the largest cleaning association worldwide. We train our staff on best practice cleaning procedures using ISSA guidelines.
  • Convenience: We will work out the frequency of cleans and schedule visits in a time convenient to you.
  • Confidence: We work hard at being efficient, effective, and knowledgeable so we can be confident in the value we bring. Therefore, we do not ask for a long-term commitment.
  • Assurance: We are insured to cover up to $5M of unexpected liabilities.
  • Consistency: We hire and train our cleaning teams so we can provide services based on quality and retain professional cleaners, so you don’t have to meet new staff every day.

Where do we operate?

We provide commercial cleaning services for most of the Vancouver metro area, including:

  • Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Coquitlam
  • New Westminster
  • Port Coquitlam


Our professionals are all vetted before we hire them. Many have been in the industry for a while. We review performance often so we can provide top quality services and advice.

Every member of our cleaning team is trained specifically in delivering best in class cleaning services to multiple types of business environments using our eco-friendly and low toxicity products and best-practice cleaning methods based on ISSA guidelines.

Yes, our cleaning professionals will arrive for each cleaning visit with everything they need to get the job done right. You will be responsible to provide access to your facility, electricity, and hot water.

Talk to us! We service so many different types of businesses in and around Vancouver that special requests do come up regularly. We tailor our solutions to your needs and in the event there is a service we do not provide we will do our best to refer you to a vendor we may know or collaborate with.

Yes. We take client privacy and data security seriously and have IT safeguards in place to protect our systems from breaches.

Studies have shown that following a cleaning/maintenance plan will positively impact your bottom line. You can expect increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, longer shelf life for flooring and other surfaces, furniture, kitchen equipment, and even electronics, and social returns through improved company image and customer satisfaction.

More than anything you get the peace of mind that your brick-and-mortar investment and time commitment will promote health and safety, allowing you to focus your efforts on what you do best.

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