Commercial Cleaning Services and Janitorial Services

Although cleaning has traditionally been viewed as a cost, cleaning is an investment connected to an organization’s bottom line.  Even relatively modest investments in cleaning produce substantial financial returns.

Investments in quality cleaning programs and practices lead to reduced operation costs through occupant wellness and productivity, asset preservation as well as sustainability. Social returns are also increased as cleaning improves company image and customer satisfaction.

Studies conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic indicate a shift in the public’s viewpoint on brick-and-mortar facilities to focus more on hygienic processes and cleanliness.

An investment in proper cleaning methods and supplies:

  1. Reduces operating costs through reduced absenteeism (sick people at home) and presenteeism (sick people at work).
  2. Preserves capital investment through proper cleaning methods that increase the shelf life of your carpeting, flooring, furniture, and even lighting.
  3. Enhances social returns through an improved image of your business in the eyes of employees, clients, and all other stakeholders.
  4. Enhances productivity not only through reduced absenteeism but also through increases to employee happiness leading to higher retention levels and increased motivation.
A cycle showing how investing in cleaning improves productivity, improves company image and improves customer satisfaction

A survey conducted by IPSOS Public Affairs in 2017 among 1,008 shoppers of retail outlets shows that an overwhelming majority of 92% indicated that cleanliness affects their decision on becoming repeat customers.

A chart showing what people first percieve about the cleaninless of an area, starting with odor, cleanitlness, how the staff look, the qualilty of the floors, the smell of the space, the garbage situation, the noise, and the clutter

Assuming these customers come from all walks of life, in a post COVID-19 environment, as other studies show, cleanliness and good maintenance practices as a whole affect all stakeholders of an organization.

ProVision22, as a commercial cleaning organization, is a team of experienced professionals directed by ISSA standards (The world’s largest association of cleaning companies) that believes in providing thorough solutions to any entity that wishes to invest in quality cleaning practices.

We will prepare a thorough cleaning plan that meets your requirements, your facility’s needs, your schedule, and your budget. We believe in maintaining your brick-and-mortar investment to the highest standards without potent chemicals (to benefit your stakeholders and our planet).

We use eco-friendly methods and products so you can keep your staff productive, receive compliments from your clients, and keep our planet green in the process.

What commercial cleaning services do we provide?

ProVision22 serves businesses in various industries. Feel free to talk to us even if you are not listed in the market segments below:

Office spaces cleaning

We will listen to your cleaning requirements, analyze your facility, and create a complete and detailed cleaning plan to keep your office clean and safe using eco-friendly methods and supplies. Find out more…

Retail cleaning

Consumers are being driven by experience more than ever before as competitive gaps, including price and offerings, narrow in the retail industry. High cleanliness levels contribute to repeat business and to your bottom line. Find out more…

Daycare cleaning

Daycare owners, toddlers, and families expect hygienic, clean, and safe environments to work, learn, and grow in. We provide eco-friendly, low toxicity disinfectants approved by Health Canada to protect everyone’s health and reduce pollutant levels in our eco-system. Find out more…

Restaurant cleaning services

Restaurant owners and guests expect hygienic practices and unblemished clean premises. We disinfect using green chemicals potent to pathogens but virtually non-toxic to people or the environment. Find out more…

Medical facilities cleaning

Clinics can be high in toxins and pathogens. We will disinfect using eco-friendly compounds toxic to pathogens but safe for people and our environment.  Find out more…

Disinfection services

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demands for effective disinfection services. We use environmentally safe methods and chemicals toxic to pathogens but safe for people. Find out more…

Carpet cleaning

Carpets contain a diverse pool of pathogens up to 4,000 times more toxic than your toilet seat. We use highly effective machinery to disinfect and lengthen the shelf life of your investment. Find out more…

ProVision22 also provides residential cleaning in Vancouver and the surrounding communities (call us for availability) and can assist in one off commercial cleans. We put every effort to be your one stop shop for your commercial cleaning needs.

What can you expect from our commercial cleaning services? 

At ProVision22, we recognize that your brick and mortar as well as your business are unique. We will create a cleaning plan that is right for your specific facility and business environment. We aim to be flexible and minimize disruption to your daily business activities. We will also promote the use of green methods and chemicals to safeguard our environment and secure public recognition from your employees and your community.

You can expect our services to be tailored to your cleaning requirements, your schedule, and even your budget.

Consequently, we can focus our efforts on the following:

  • Disinfecting high touch surfaces (including fogging).
  • Floor care and carpet cleaning.
  • Sanitization of washrooms facilities.
  • Dusting and washing windows and blinds.
  • Disinfecting/wiping down/washing of kitchens and lunchrooms.
  • Vacuuming/wiping down furniture and upholstery.
  • Dusting/wiping down/disinfecting desktops and workstations.
  • Spot clean walls, dust fixtures, empty trash bins.
  • Pressure washing indoor and outdoor (e.g parkade).
  • Restaurant kitchen cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Replenishing cleaning supplies.

And this is just a partial list of options.

We choose our equipment carefully to best preserve the surfaces they come in contact with, efficiently, and effectively tackle hidden spots and high traffic areas.

Finally, our management team sees a priority in providing the best quality clean and customer service. We hire our own cleaners, properly train them with our own equipment and unique list of supplies. We provide you a digital platform to keep you informed and allow you to keep us abreast of any new developments, areas of improvement, or changes to services as you see fit. We will perform monthly inspections (if requested) to ensure we continue to provide the kind of services you can be proud of and to ensure the cleaning plan is working well.

We do not require a long-term commitment. Use us as long as you find our services helpful and our advice of value.

Eco-friendly commercial cleaning 

Saving our eco-systems from our growing population needs has become increasingly important in allowing this and the next generations to enjoy clean air and clean water.

With our busy lifestyle we often push aside practices such as reducing toilet paper usage and choosing to use recycled materials in paper towel dispensers. Similarly, not all cleaners purchase environmentally certified cleaning supplies and chemicals that are eco-friendly and safe (low toxicity).

ProVision22 has decided to focus on disinfectants that are:

  • Green, environmentally safe, and certified, chemicals and cleaning supplies.
  • Safe, low toxicity, chemicals that are less likely to cause health problems if ingested.

We recognize the advancements in biotechnology (our ownership is no stranger to this field) produce green, often biodegradable, low toxicity, reasonably priced chemicals that are safer and environmentally friendly.

By using green methods, equipment, and chemicals we can help protect your stakeholders and promote social returns through public recognition in your efforts to promote the environment.

Why choose ProVision22?

  • Experience: Our management and cleaners carry decades of experience in commercial cleaning.
  • Knowledge: We are members of ISSA the largest cleaning association worldwide. We train our staff on best in class cleaning procedures using ISSA guidelines.
  • Convenience: We will work out the frequency of cleans and schedule visits in a time convenient to you.
  • Confidence: We work hard at being efficient, effective, and knowledgeable so we can be confident in the value we bring. Therefore, we do not ask for a long-term commitment.
  • Assurance: We are insured to cover up to $5M of unexpected liabilities.
  • Consistency: We hire and train our cleaning teams so we can provide services based on quality and retain professional cleaners, so you don’t have to meet new staff every day.

Where do we operate?

We provide commercial cleaning services for most of the Vancouver metro area, including:

  • Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Coquitlam
  • New Westminster
  • Port Coquitlam


Our professionals are all vetted before we hire them. Many have been in the industry for a while. We review performance often so we can provide top quality services and advice.

Every member of our cleaning team is trained specifically in delivering best in class cleaning services to multiple types of business environments using our eco-friendly and low toxicity products and best-practice cleaning methods based on ISSA guidelines.

Yes, our cleaning professionals will arrive for each cleaning visit with everything they need to get the job done right. You will be responsible to provide access to your facility, electricity, and hot water.

Talk to us! We service so many different types of businesses in and around Vancouver that special requests do come up regularly. We tailor our solutions to your needs and in the event there is a service we do not provide we will do our best to refer you to a vendor we may know or collaborate with.

Yes. We take client privacy and data security seriously and have IT safeguards in place to protect our systems from breaches.

Studies have shown that following a cleaning/maintenance plan will positively impact your bottom line. You can expect increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, longer shelf life for flooring and other surfaces, furniture, and even electronics, and social returns through improved company image and customer satisfaction.

More than anything you get the peace of mind that your brick-and-mortar investment and time commitment will promote health and safety, allowing you to focus your efforts on what you do best.

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