Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Disinfectant Services

Carpets, rugs, and mats are hotbeds for pathogens. In fact, there are about 200,000 bacteria per square inch inside carpets. That is 4,000 time more than your toilet seat.

You can trust our experienced cleaning teams to use the correct tools and chemicals to vacuum, wash, and disinfect your carpets in an eco-friendly, low toxicity manner. This will not only increase the shelf life of your investment but also keep your staff, clients, and other visitors happy and healthy.

Our management has over 17 years experience in commercial carpet cleaning and is knowledgeable and experienced in the biotechnology field which helps us source out the right materials and supplies. We are also members of ISSA, the largest association of cleaning companies worldwide, that helps us keep up to date on the latest technologies and best in class cleaning methods and supplies. Our teams are professionally trained using ISSA guidelines.

Our business model is based on the values of: quality clean, great customer care, and environmental stewardship. We are here to impress which is why we will not ask you to sign a long-term contractual commitment. Use us so long you trust our services and value our advice.

What is carpet cleaning in Vancouver?

Carpets by their inviting nature receive much traffic. Dirty shoes and air droplets land on your carpet resulting in a hotbed of microbial, viral, and fungal pathogens, not to mention dust and mud that stick to the surfaces. Over time carpet wear out, lovely patterns disappear, and they get replaced with expensive new carpets.

The good news is that by properly and regularly deep cleaning your carpet one can increase the shelf life by up to 3 times contributing to great savings, keeping a fresh looking interior, and healthy work environment.

ProVision22 teams use eco-friendly, low toxicity methods and chemicals to deep clean carpeted surfaces in high traffic and low traffic areas. We are ISSA members (the largest association of cleaning companies worldwide), which helps us to keep abreast of the latest cleaning techniques and materials, and train our teams to provide the best value cleaning job to your carpets.

Common steps we take to ensure your carpets look and feel fresh:

  1. Pre-spray your carpet with a non-toxic cleaner.
  2. Scrub carpets to clean persistent stains.
  3. Pre-condition the highest-traffic areas.
  4. Rinse out the pre-spray solution and extract dirt using hot water extraction cleaning (with deep suction).

Not every carpet is the same and we ensure that our cleaning plan fits the specific spaces we clean.

Rapid drying times

Part of our consideration in providing a proper cleaning plan is how long it takes the surfaces we clean to be ready to receive guests. Rest assured that the cleaning plan we will provide will ensure low to no disruption to your workday.

Why choose green carpet cleaning?

We live in a time of great population growth and increased life span for our elderly. Simultaneously we try to increase our planet’s carrying capacity by adjusting our habits to minimize air and water pollution and consumable resources from becoming scarce.

Therefore, trends in our city and beyond move towards more green regulations and awareness. The Wall Street Journal in a recent editorial, claims that public companies across the United States will have to report their green initiatives to their investors in the coming years. Canadian banks are conditioning financing for commercial property acquisitions upon environmental testing.

Our visionaries see this challenge as an opportunity to provide an additional value in “green cleaning” your carpets and your space protecting your health and the health of our environment. We encourage that by ensuring our work is done for a reasonable price hoping that it would minimise the need to make a decision to go green.

What can you expect from our carpet cleaning services?

ProVision22 cleaning plans are made in consultation with our clients. We factor in your requirements, your facility’s needs, your work schedule, and your budget to come up with a comprehensive cleaning solution. We add value with eco-friendly and low toxicity methods and products and provide you with a digital platform to communicate to us quickly and directly any changes, improvements, or concerns you may have so we can keep our high standards.

Our team members are properly vetted (many of them have been in the industry for a while), and professionally trained. Our eco-friendly solutions will keep your carpets looking fresh and our team will ensure great customer care. This is why we will not be asking you for long term contractual commitment. Use us so long you trust our service and value our advice.

Why choose ProVision22?

  • Experience: Our management and cleaners carry decades of experience in commercial cleaning.
  • Knowledge: We are members of ISSA the largest cleaning association worldwide. We train our staff on best practice cleaning procedures using ISSA guidelines.
  • Convenience: We will work out the frequency of cleans and schedule visits in a time convenient to you.
  • Confidence: We work hard at being efficient, effective, and knowledgeable so we can be confident in the value we bring. Therefore, we do not ask for a long-term commitment.
  • Assurance: We are insured to cover up to $5M of unexpected liabilities.
  • Consistency: We hire and train our cleaning teams so we can provide services based on quality and retain professional cleaners, so you don’t have to meet new staff every day.

Where do we operate?

We provide commercial cleaning services for most of the Vancouver metro area, including:

  • Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Coquitlam
  • New Westminster
  • Port Coquitlam


Our professionals are all vetted before we hire them. Many have been in the industry for a while. We review performance often so we can provide top quality services and advice.

Every member of our cleaning team is trained specifically in delivering best in class cleaning services to multiple types of business environments using our eco-friendly and low toxicity products and best-practice cleaning methods based on ISSA guidelines.

Yes, our cleaning professionals will arrive for each cleaning visit with everything they need to get the job done right. You will be responsible to provide access to your facility, electricity, and hot water.

Talk to us! We service so many different types of businesses in and around Vancouver that special requests do come up regularly. We tailor our solutions to your needs and in the event there is a service we do not provide we will do our best to refer you to a vendor we may know or collaborate with.

Yes. We take client privacy and data security seriously and have IT safeguards in place to protect our systems from breaches.

Studies have shown that following a cleaning/maintenance plan will positively impact your bottom line. You can expect increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, longer shelf life for flooring and other surfaces, furniture, and even electronics, and social returns through improved company image and customer satisfaction.

More than anything you get the peace of mind that your brick-and-mortar investment and time commitment will promote health and safety, allowing you to focus your efforts on what you do best.

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